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These are the shoes I previously wrote about, with the laces. Remember, you could have any coloured laces, red, neon, anything!


SuperGa Shoes


Could SuperGa be the new Converse? A new trainer called SuperGa has taken the world by  storm. Celebrities such as Rita Ora have been seen in them, and they come in over 15 colours, such as green, salmon, and lilac.

They are made for women, men and kids, so the whole family could have a pair!

A great way to brighten up the white or grey pairs is to invest in a pair of coloured laces. They can be acquired in most good shoe shops or online if you are willing to pay a bit more.

Don’t forget, even if you haven’t seen them around, you soon will! If you are confident in yourself, people will notice and soon you will be a trend setter.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic

How To: Neon Lace Jeans


ImageNeon is in this season, and this outfit shows it off perfectly. We have a plain grey top and a pair of black jeans with neon lace down the leg.

Any plain grey top will do, but the best are grey marl. These could be new or old, sleeveless or long sleeved, but make sure it has no pattern, as this can spoil the effect.

ImageNext, the jeans. Just because skinnies might be the latest thing, don’t wear them if they aren’t your style. The only rules are that they must be black and you must be comfortable in them.

Finally, the lace. This can be any kind of neon, but try to contrast it with the jeans.

ImageLace can be acquired in most sewing shops, and if you are worried about not wanting to always have it on, it can easily be taken off.

The best way to attach the lace is to sew it on. Make sure it is stretchy otherwise it will probably tear.

Pair this outfit with casual Converse-style shoes for around town or heels for a night out. If you are daring, try neon jeans and black lace. Remember, don’t worry if your jeans aren’t ‘in’, they soon will be!

Top 5 Spring Accessories


Spring has (finally) sprung, so here are my Top 5 Spring Accessories for you to trend.

coral sunnies1. Here comes the sun

Now we all know it isn’t exactly 30 degrees out there, but the sun is coming out, so these gorgeous sunnies (available in Black, Mint Green or Coral) are a must have this spring. H&M, £3.99, UV protective.  

leather tote bag2. Carry me home

A close runner-up for the top spot, this flat leather tote bag should certainly be part of your spring wardrobe. Available in Neon Coral or Egyptian Turquoise, it brings a burst of freshness after the muted tones of winter. Gap,£49.99, one size only.

Shelterbox bracelet3. For a good cause

Not only beautiful but for a good cause too, this Shelterbox Charity Bracelet comes in Navy Blue or Red. It can also be used as a necklace or bag chain. £1 from every sale will go towards Shelterbox. Topshop, £2, 100% nylon.

Trilby4. Hats off

We all love hats, and this one signifies everything spring. The Lala Bright Trilby comes in Blue, Pink or Green. Accessorize, £12, one size only.

braided belt5. Belt up

At 5 is this brilliant Braided Belt, with a square aged brass buckle. It comes in Blue Streak, New Malachite and Mardigras Gold. Gap, £16.95, XS, S or L.



Hello world! I am not great with intros, so I will keep it snappy. I will be showing you the newest trends before they become known.

One way I will do this is showing you how to construct the perfect outfit.

Laters potaters!